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Supporting International Real Estate Investors

Choosing a strategy, selecting suitable properties and efficiently managing the real estate portfolio – these have been the specialties of KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management GmbH & Co. KG (REAM), as part of the KanAm Grund Group, for almost two decades. We provide investors with comprehensive advice and support for every phase of their investment – starting with professional deal sourcing.

In the process, you can access a modular, comprehensive range of services. These include strategic market and property analyses as well as solid advice on upgrading and renting out the portfolio.

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Think Global, Act Local

The core of our strategy is identifying real estate on the basis of in-depth market knowledge and analyses, assessing it, and further developing it after its acquisition. We follow the principle of “think global, act local.” Our proprietary scoring models and international real estate databases give you an excellent foundation for making decisions.

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A Modular Service Portfolio

Are you looking for a full range of services from a single source, or a specific service? For both of these options, KanAm Grund REAM is your experienced and professional partner.

When it comes to determining the earnings and risk potential, purchasing, financing, leasing or sales – use our comprehensive analysis and consulting services to develop a tailor-made investment strategy.

Which purchasing strategy and property are the best fit for your planned or existing portfolio? When making an evaluation, our experts rely on their extensive network and experience gained from completing hundreds of transactions – along with solid research results.

Giving you independent access to the market's best offers and developing sustainable real estate portfolios – that’s a key part of our services for institutional investors. We have already received multiple awards for our services and earned excellent ratings.

Knowing what’s happening in the market is the foundation of an optimal sales strategy. That’s why our research department constantly analyzes economic data and general market information. We also rely on forecasts for the regional and sectoral rental and investment markets.

Planning security, cost efficiency and optimized returns – components we ensure by working with a large number of local, internationally active banks. We make independent decisions and enjoy excellent market access. As a result, we can obtain excellent terms and conditions for you and create a comprehensive financing management plan.

Our research experts are well known in the market, in part, as a result of our proprietary scoring and analysis models. We use these models to demonstrate to you in a succinct and transparent way the opportunities and risks associated with international real estate markets.

Our experts use all the relevant methods to determine market values and potential prices. With this information, you can make solid decisions about everything from purchases and sales to rentals and development measures. We are also happy to tackle challenging situations, such as low-performing properties.

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