A Complete Range of Services for Real Estate Investments


Investment Strategy: From Investor to Investment

When it comes to determining the earnings and risk potential, purchasing, financing, leasing or sales – use our comprehensive analysis and consulting services to develop a tailor-made investment strategy.

  • Providing our expertise. Our team offers you more than 800 years of combined experience. We have developed successful investment strategies for a wide variety of investors.
  • Offering solid research. We are constantly monitoring the developments on global, regional and local real estate markets. Keeping a close eye on these markets helps us deliver solid strategic analyses to our investors, all the way to forecasting the value appreciation of individual properties.
  • Developing innovative analysis tools. The C-Score model combines the current and projected economic and social data for international metropolises and large cities, which provides an important basis for strategic investment decisions. It is supplemented by the KanAm Grund PROPERTY SELECTION MODEL (PSM). The model can be used to evaluate real estate investments and their impact on the existing portfolio.

Investment Advisory: A Focus on Value

Which purchasing strategy and property are the best fit for your planned or existing portfolio? When making an evaluation, our experts rely on their extensive network and experience gained from completing hundreds of transactions – along with solid research results.

  • Acting flexibly. You establish the opportunity and risk profile. We find the right properties in the real estate markets selected within the Core, Core Plus or Value Add segments while focusing specifically on office, retail and hotel properties. Finding and evaluating promising investment alternatives is one of our core competences – all while keeping your yield requirements in mind.
  • Providing comprehensive services. Handling asset analysis and underwriting, coordinating due diligence processes, managing and supporting the purchase process – our goals are optimal property acquisitions, ensuring exclusivity, and helping with the approval processes. That also includes setting up data rooms and creating transparent documentation for the transaction. In terms of asset allocation, we take the financing, as well as the legal and tax situation, into account.
  • Contributing extensive experience. During the past more than two decades, the KanAm Grund Group has made more than 360 purchases and sales of real estate with a total volume of more than USD 37.4 billion. Over the course of 20 years, we concluded more than 1,700 rental agreements encompassing and area of more than 2,850,000 square meters – the equivalent of 400 soccer fields!

Asset Management: Adding Value

Giving you independent access to the market's best offers and developing sustainable real estate portfolios – that’s a key part of our services for institutional investors. We have already received multiple awards for our services and earned excellent ratings.

  • Actively increasing property values. Since 2003, we have invested USD 8.2 billion in value-enhancing property improvements, optimizations, and tenant-specific renovations. Our investments are always based on a solid strategy, so we can attractively position individual properties and/or the entire portfolio. We focus on adding value, ensuring tenant satisfaction as well as vacancy rates. Our services also include suggesting the ideal time for a partial or complete divestment based on our solid research.
  • Efficiently managing portfolios. We can oversee and handle all of your facility management and administration upon request. You can also entrust us with the traditional management of portfolios and participations. Audit-proof documentation and ongoing reporting on the building, financing and due diligence round out our spectrum of services.
  • Acting sustainably. We believe that creating and developing real estate portfolios are inseparable from sustainability. Meeting the corresponding criteria has been a central part of our company philosophy for many years.
  • Offering 360-degree management.

Divestment Strategy: Capitalizing as Efficiently as Possible

Knowing what’s happening in the market is the foundation of an optimal sales strategy. That’s why our research department constantly analyzes economic data and general market information. We also rely on forecasts for the regional and sectoral rental and investment markets.

  • Determining the best time to sell. Our proprietary C-Score model provides a unique foundation for decision-making. It provides you with reliable assessments and timely information about the best point in time to make a sale or portfolio adjustment.
  • Ideal positioning of properties. The KanAm Grund Group has extensive experience in optimizing the rental structure and making properties more attractive with short and medium-term measures. In determining the best timing for a sale, we consider market cycles, vacancy rates, expiring loans and other important factors.
  • Arranging a sale. We organize a bidding process for each sale to identify the most qualified buyer with the best offer. Our services include asset allocation, financing management, and audit-proof reporting and/or documentation. We set up data rooms to ensure a smooth process and handle all of the coordination. You benefit from the international experience of the KanAm Grund Group which, as of 2021, has already managed a transaction volume of more than USD 37.4 billion.

Financial Management: Diversified Financing Guaranteed

Planning security, cost efficiency and optimized returns – components we ensure by working with a large number of local, internationally active banks. We make independent decisions and enjoy excellent market access. As a result, we can obtain excellent terms and conditions for you and create a comprehensive financing management plan.

  • Providing capital market competence. To help us forecast the development of interest rates and currencies and make the best possible use of derivative interest hedging instruments, we use specially developed forecast models. We evaluate and monitor your credit portfolio down to the level of the individual agreement (e.g., covenants).
  • Offering comprehensive service. We acquire and structure debt capital, negotiate prime terms and conditions, prepare loan agreements and even handle all creditor relationship management when administering existing loan agreements. KanAm Grund REAM is a key contact partner for routine covenant audits and reducing the amount of debt capital.
  • Granting access to currency markets. As an internationally active asset manager, we are a recognized expert in managing currency risks. Our trading partners provide us direct access to the currency, money, and capital markets, with real-time data. We also simulate various cash-flow scenarios for you and evaluate individual capital market analyses.

Research: Building on Knowledge

Our research experts are well known in the market, in part, as a result of our proprietary scoring and analysis models. We use these models to demonstrate to you in a succinct and transparent way the opportunities and risks associated with international real estate markets.

  • Providing a real estate database. The card-based database that we have developed contains properties around the world valued at more than USD 125 billion. You can use this database to look at potential investments and divestments down to the level of the individual property. We show the specific macro- and micro-economic framework conditions as well as the activities of important investors, so that decisions about changes can be made in a timely way.
  • Using our own analysis models. We evaluate the database using the market’s leading analysis models.

Valuation / Due Diligence: Value-Oriented Consulting

Our experts use all the relevant methods to determine market values and potential prices. With this information, you can make solid decisions about everything from purchases and sales to rentals and development measures. We are also happy to tackle challenging situations, such as low-performing properties.

  • Managing real estate with a focus on value. With more than 360 transactions totaling more than USD 37.4 billion, we have applied every value-oriented analysis method for our investors since the year 2000. Best-price or exploitation strategy, property-management-related due diligence, market value and purchase price reports from independent specialists – you can rely on our qualified experts.
  • Providing comprehensive services. This includes financial real estate analyses, business plans, and feasibility/profitability calculations. We also create cash flow forecasts for the respective scenario and evaluate the plausibility of individual and portfolio evaluations. Our services also include asset management focused on covenants and net operating income (NOI). We use our efficient rental, space and cost management to optimize the NOI.
  • Actively tackling challenges. Are there problems with the interest cover ratio (ICR) or loan-to-value figure (LTV)? Is the performance weak and the yield too low? We develop options for repositioning properties and preparing for divestments.
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