Making Real Estate a Real Success

KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management GmbH (REAM) offers comprehensive management and consulting services for institutional investors and family offices. When providing these services, we benefit from our integration within the KanAm Grund Group.

Although we are an independent company with an international network, we also have the freedom to act autonomously. That means you, as an investor, can always be confident that your interests are our main focus.

  • Years of distinctive experience. The management and our teams have strong track records in all forms of investment in the real estate sector. Over the past two decades, the KanAm Grund Group has purchased and sold more than 345 properties with a total volume of over USD 35 billion.
  • International market expertise. We have our own branches in nearly all of the relevant real estate markets in Germany, Europe and North America.
  • A comprehensive range of services. We provide a full range of highly acclaimed services, including investment strategies, investment consulting, asset and financial management, divestment strategies, research, valuation and due diligence.

A clear strategic focus

Many private investors, institutional investors, and family offices choose KanAm Grund REAM as an active, strategic partner for their real estate investments.

An important reason why we are chosen is our clear strategic focus. In keeping with the principle “Think global, act local,” we identify suitable properties, develop them further, taking the burden off the investors. Our valuations are based on proprietary scoring models and international real estate databases. With this foundation, you can make solid decisions during every phase of your real estate investment.

Our track record speaks for itself, also in terms of our success in the further development of properties. Since 2000, we have invested more than USD 9 billion in value-enhancing property improvements.

More about our services

Skillful management with long-standing experience

Three specialists with very individual backgrounds and ranges of experience comprise the management of KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management GmbH (REAM).

Sascha SchadlySascha Schadly
Sascha Schadly
Managing Director

Sascha Schadly

Olivier CatusseOlivier Catusse
Olivier Catusse
Managing Partner/CEO

Olivier Catusse

Anthony Bull-DiamondAnthony Bull-Diamond
Anthony Bull-Diamond
Managing Director

Anthony Bull-Diamond

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