Investment Strategy

Value Identification

The decisive prerequisite for successful and profitable real estate investments is an investment strategy tailored to reflect exactly the preferences of the respective investor.

Due to the continually changing global financial markets and special regional developments in real estate markets, the development of an individual investment strategy demands the professional know-how that KanAm Grund REAM offers in all areas of real estate investment and asset management.

Employees in the KanAm Grund Group have collectively gained approximately 800 years of experience in all areas of real estate investment and asset management. They have demonstrated time and again that they can achieve success with investment strategies individually tailored to meet the needs of the most varied investors.

Innovative analytical instruments

KanAm Grund REAM works with innovative analytical instruments in this respect to monitor global, regional and local real estate markets.

The company is therefore in a position to offer sound strategic analyses for investors on current and future market developments and value development prognoses for individual real estate.

The KanAm Grund Group has developed the C-SCORE Model especially for the strategy-adjusted selection of potential investment locations. It pools all relevant current and projected economic and social data from leading international cities and large urban centers, thus providing a significant basis for advising investors on strategic investment decisions.

In combination with the KanAm Grund Property Selection Model (PSM) for individual evaluation of real estate investments at a local level, experienced KanAm Grund REAM management can avail of comprehensive decision-making parameters which enable the development of a rewarding investment strategy and its implementation.

C-SCORE criteria are based in this respect on over 7,300 scientifically determined and recognized individual data records. These are used to examine the potential interest in cities on the basis of population and economic development, location quality, innovative strength, quality of life, infrastructure, environmental strategy and the real estate market situation in order to assess their development opportunities. The results of on-going investigations are continually incorporated in the decision-making process relating to potential investment locations for the investor.

The PSM model is then employed to enable the assessment of real estate considered at selected investment locations with regard to its quality, location and suitability. This portfolio model analyzes over 100 parameters of a property such as the microsituation, property quality, tenants and performance. Simultaneously, it helps to determine the effects of any possible investment decision on the overall real estate portfolio of the investor.

Taking these models as a basis, and adding the experience and know-how of its experts in regional branches and that of international network partners, KanAm Grund REAM is in a position to offer investors an individual analysis and investment strategy and its implementation through the purchase, financing, leasing or sale of real estate, including consideration of the potential return and risks involved.

The investor specifies the investment criteria. KanAm Grund REAM then develops an optimum investment strategy on this basis for the regional and sectoral market entry and expansion with a view to the future development of value and returns.

Well-founded research

Well-founded research is the prerequisite for every investment strategy. In addition to the analysis of fundamental data and information on markets, research also encompasses the forecasting of developments on leasing and investment markets. The investment strategy, therefore, not only comprises selection of the most attractive markets, but also specification of the best timing to exploit market cycles for the planned transaction.

Following mutual analysis with the investor, appropriate optimization measures are proposed for existing real estate portfolios. The investment strategy developed offers a solid basis for subsequent investment consulting.

Hans-Joachim Kleinert

Managing Shareholder at KanAm Grund REAM

«Analysis, strategic advice and value-oriented asset management constitute the service spectrum that investors desire – and that's what we offer.»

Olivier Catusse

Managing Shareholder at KanAm Grund REAM

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