Asset Management

Creating Added Value

Sustainable development of an existing real estate portfolio through value and profit-oriented asset management and the achievement of added value are among the core disciplines of KanAm Grund REAM.

In the 15 years of its existence, the KanAm Grund Group has invested 8.2 billion USD in value-oriented enhancement of property, through optimizations and/or that meet tenants' requirements. Management has received several awards and high ratings for outstanding capabilities in asset management.

KanAm Grund REAM creates a strategy at an individual property or portfolio level for optimum positioning in the market, improvement of the leasing situation and maximization of net yield.

Based on in-depth analyses

Core tasks of REAM asset management include the creation of concepts to enhance the attractiveness of portfolio properties, optimum leasing and efficient cost management. The effects of planned measures on the market value are assessed in advance of their implementation in this respect. Among other aspects, this ensures best possible leasing under optimum conditions. Thanks to these measures, KanAm Grund REAM is in a position to determine the achievement of optimum marketability of property in the context of asset management and propose the best time for a sale on the basis of sound research.

Optimizing the performance of assets under management is realized where necessary through perfectly matched financing or refinancing at attractive conditions through KanAm Grund REAM financing management.

In order to meet the high-quality requirements in the commercial and technical management of real estate, KanAm Grund REAM asset management controls and monitors existing facility management. If desired, KanAm Grund REAM asset management can also guide complete management controlling in the interest of the owner.

Option to assume the entire fund administration

As part of its asset management, KanAm Grund REAM offers to take over classic portfolio and investment management in the case of real estate portfolios, with services provided at fund level including risk management, controlling and complete fund administration. This also includes risk identification, analysis, assessment and communication with modular risk reporting. Audit-proof documentation using the latest IT systems completes the service spectrum.

KanAm Grund REAM investors profit in this respect from international know-how. Aided by regional branches, experts are aware of all the legal framework conditions in international markets and can meet all contractual requirements with local partners.

360-Degree Management from KanAm Grund REAM