Valuation / Due Diligence

Value-oriented Management

Value-oriented real estate management designed to address the preferences of investors is the fundamental philosophy behind the 360-degree management provided by KanAm Grund REAM.

The dynamism and volatility of international real estate markets has increased dramatically in recent years. Consequently, the correct evaluation of a property takes on a particular significance and level of responsibility which demands a maximum degree of professionalism.

The independence of KanAm Grund REAM forms the basis for a transparent assessment of all opportunities and risks associated with a property and its location. In conjunction with a deep level of expertise and know-how, investors receive a precise estimation of an appropriate market value and possible prices. Pending decisions regarding purchases and sales and on leasing and development measures can, therefore, be credibly justified.

Familiar with all value-oriented methods

In approximately 200 transactions since 2000 involving a volume of 25 billion USD, experts at KanAm Grund REAM have proven that they command all value-oriented analysis and consulting methods employed in the best interest of investors, including the development of a best-price and liquidation strategy and a highest and best-use strategy, due diligence in the real estate business and the compilation of market value or selling price appraisals by independent experts.

KanAm Grund REAM develops financial analyses for real estate, business plans, feasibility and profitability calculations and cash flow forecasts contingent on the respective scenario for investors. Determining the plausibility of individual and portfolio assessments is as much a part of the qualitative service spectrum as asset management oriented towards covenant and net operating income (NOI) and includes optimizing of NOI through leasing, facility management and management of costs.

KanAm Grund REAM is capable of producing real estate management solutions to address problems involving interest cover ratio (ICR), loan to value (LTV), weak performance and low dividends and develop options for action aimed at repositioning real estate or disinvestment.

Hans-Joachim Kleinert

Managing Shareholder at KanAm Grund REAM

«Value-oriented real estate management defines our work and guarantees the satisfaction of our investors.»