Building on Knowledge

KanAm Grund REAM has its own research department which, with the innovative scoring and analysis models it has developed, enjoys growing recognition in the market and among rating agencies.

International real estate markets are examined continually here with regard to their opportunity and risk potential, and market cycles, yields and appreciation potential are analyzed and summarized in a transparent and compact manner for investors.

Own map-based real estate database

KanAm Grund REAM has developed its own map-based real estate database encompassing a worldwide real estate inventory valued at over 125 billion USD. Supplemented by its own analysis models, KanAm Grund REAM can examine potential investments and disinvestments right down to the individual property level and including specific macro and micro-economic framework conditions. These analyses then provide an important basis for strategic consulting.

Intensive investment monitoring occurs simultaneously to enable early anticipation of developments from its strategic and operative activities.

This knowledge and the many years of experience of our experts ensure the provision of optimum strategic advice and maximum prospects of success.