Financial Management

Diversified Financing Guarantee

Financial management is a core element when it comes to achieving optimum returns on real estate investments.

The independence of KanAm Grund REAM and long-standing cooperation with local and international banks in a spirit of trust ensure the support of a diverse selection of national and international financing partners. In addition, comprehensive market access to the most favorable financing conditions is also available.

High level of expertise in the capital market

KanAm Grund REAM has acquired a high level of expertise in the capital market when it comes to interest and exchange rate forecasts made with the aid of diverse forecasting models and the use of derivative interest rate hedging instruments.

Investors can enjoy quantitative and qualitative monitoring and evaluation of the loan portfolio up to the individual contract level (e.g. covenants) and, equally, continuous evaluation (cash value) of the loan portfolio based on current yield curves.

The procurement and structuring of borrowed capital for upcoming financing in the course of a purchase or refinancing of portfolio properties are prepared by financial management and loan agreements negotiated in the interest of the owner at the best market conditions. During administration of existing loan agreements, KanAm Grund REAM takes care of the entire creditor relationship management which encompasses continuous communication with the institutes providing financing. KanAm Grund REAM is the central contact for both regular covenant reviews and the repayment of borrowed capital.

Direct access to foreign exchange markets

As an asset manager active on an international level, KanAm Grund REAM also has recognized expertise in the area of currency risk management, enjoys direct access to foreign exchange markets through selected trading partners and has the expertise to exploit all instruments of active currency risk control.

In the area of liquidity management, an extensive selection of national and international bank partners enables it to obtain direct access to money, capital markets and real-time data. Simulation and evaluation of different cash flow scenarios and individual capital market analyses are also possible.

Hans-Joachim Kleinert

Managing Shareholder at KanAm Grund REAM

«We offer our clients planning security and cost efficiency with this comprehensive service spectrum in the area of financial management.»