Disinvestment Strategy

Optimum Capitalizing

KanAm Grund REAM develops optimum sales strategies if an investor intends to sell properties.

The basis of every sales strategy is sound research which, in addition to analysis of economic data and information on primary markets, also encompasses the compilation of forecasts regarding developments on the leasing and investment markets involved.

The sales strategy, therefore, not only comprises appropriate positioning of the property on the investment market, but also specification of the best timing for exploiting market cycles and loans nearing their end of term for the planned sales transaction. Enhancement programs are developed which can be implemented at short notice, new leases are realized or existing leases extended to increase sales success.

KanAm Grund REAM can rely in particular on the enormous international experience of the KanAm Grund Group in this respect. Over 30 properties and real estate companies in Europe and North America with a total value of around 4 billion EUR were successfully sold from 2012 to 2014 alone.

Individual properties underwent comprehensive enhancement programs in advance and leases amounting to about 300,000 m² were extended or concluded anew to achieve the most favorable sales prices.

Olivier Catusse

Managing Shareholder at KanAm Grund REAM

«The success of a real estate investment not only involves purchasing and asset management, but equally, an optimum sale. We can also demonstrate a track record in this respect with which we occupy an excellent position in the market.»