Investment Markets

Geographic Focus of the KanAm Grund Group

The geographic focus of KanAm Grund REAM is on the European and American investment markets in which company management has proven expertise. These markets include Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada in particular and the largest European and American markets. Branches in Paris and Atlanta underscore the mission statement «Think Global But Act Local».

The name of the company itself already suggests this, as «KanAm» is a word combination derived from Canada and America developed as a result of the original specialization in real estate in Canada and the USA. The KanAm Grund Group has successfully realized 71 transactions in the last 15 years in the USA and Canada with a total volume exceeding 7 billion USD. The Group enjoys direct access to North American markets through its KanAm Grund America branch in Atlanta.

An office space portfolio of 73 million m² makes Germany one of the top markets for foreign investors. In the past 15 years, the KanAm Grund Group has invested in Germany and carried out asset management mandates for landmark buildings which include the OpernTurm in Frankfurt am Main and the HighLight Towers in Munich. Smaller investment properties in prime locations in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Hamburg have also been identified and successfully acquired.

With a transaction volume exceeding 8 billion USD in France, the KanAm Grund Group is one of the most important players on the French real estate market. Different units in the Group have succeeded in the last 15 years in securing properties for their investors which include prime office real estate in Paris, the world's largest property market, and luxury retail properties such as La Croisette in Cannes. The Group has its own branch in Paris, ensuring close contact with the French market.

London is one of the most important global financial centers and a must-have on the wish list of international investors. With a transaction volume exceeding 3 billion USD in the United Kingdom, particularly in London, the KanAm Grund Group has built up its expertise in this environment over the past 15 years.