Excellence through Experience – the KanAm Grund Group Competence Team

The KanAm Grund Group employs approximately 70 members of staff in their offices in Frankfurt am Main, Paris and Atlanta. The top-level management team have decades of experience, together with numerous young and dynamic employees they can look back on a total of more than 800 years of experience in all areas of real estate investment and portfolio management. They have demonstrated their success in the past in realizing the ideas and wishes of investors through tailored investment strategies. Detailed market know-how, sound regional competence and investor support based on a comprehensive service are the cornerstones that shape the team philosophy.

As and when required, as part of the KanAm Group Munich, the KanAm Grund Group has access to the expertise of over 100 members of staff and their international network.

Hans-Joachim Kleinert

Hans-Joachim Kleinert has been active as an internationally-recognized, innovative real estate fund manager and entrepreneur for more than 20 years and, having generated a transaction volume of around 27 billion USD, is one of the most experienced property and transaction managers in Germany.

He heads the KanAm Grund Group and is a Managing Shareholder of KanAm Grund Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH, KanAm Grund Institutional Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH and KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) GmbH & Co. KG.

From October 2000, as Co-founder and Managing shareholder together with Matti Kreutzer, this lawyer, born in 1960, has established the KanAm Grund Kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH in Frankfurt am Main, the first private and independent real estate investment company in Germany.

With the experience he had gained as a consultant at BVI Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. (the German Investment Funds Association) and as director of portfolio management and property acquisition in a large real estate capital investment company, his goal was to develop particularly innovative real estate investments which would take the wishes of investors and the development of real estate markets into consideration to an even greater degree. The KanAm grundinvest Fonds, which was unveiled in early 2001, saw Hans-Joachim Kleinert introducing the first independent open-end real estate fund on the market which invests exclusively abroad, is tax-free for German investors and, right from the outset, has been a resounding success.

In 2003, he created KanAm Grund Spezialfondsgesellschaft mbH together with his then Co-Director, Matti Kreutzer, to also open the company's expertise to institutional investors with special high-yield real estate funds.

In the same year, he unveiled the KanAm US-grundinvest Fonds, the first open-end real estate fund invested exclusively in North America and based exclusively on the US dollar.

2005 saw the introduction of the KanAm SPEZIAL grundinvest Fonds, a mutual fund with special fund character for institutional investors.

Hans-Joachim Kleinert was treading as much on unknown territory with his innovative Cash Call Strategy, a needs-oriented depositing method for investors, as with the LEADING CITIES INVEST in 2013, the first new generation open-end fund following KAGB* to focus on core real estate in leading international cities. KanAm Grund Europa followed in 2014, the first special real estate fund licensed for distribution following KAGB* with a focus on Germany and Europe.

The demand among institutional real estate investors for full service support and his international expertise in asset management led him to establish KanAm Grund REAM GmbH & Co. KG in 2014 with Olivier Catusse as Co-Director. This represents the third company under the umbrella of the KanAm Grund Group.

Hans-Joachim Kleinert has been a member of the real estate committee of BVI Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. since 2001 and, in this function, has pushed in recent years for the modernization of property funds with a view to achieving greater investor security. The success of these efforts was demonstrated in the new Kapitalanlagengesetzbuch* in 2013.

* Kapitalanlagegesetzbuch (KAGB), the capital investment code in force since July 2013

Olivier Catusse

Olivier Catusse was born in 1975 and, since September 2009, has been Managing Director of KanAm Grund Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH and Managing Partner at KanAm Grund Institutional Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH and KanAm Grund Real Estate Asset Management (REAM) GmbH & Co. KG. All three companies are pooled under the umbrella of the KanAm Grund Group which this lawyer heads together with Hans-Joachim Kleinert.

His main areas of activity encompass investment, asset and portfolio management, financing and investor support.

Olivier Catusse took up his position as Director of Acquisitions in North America at KanAm Grund in Frankfurt am Main in 2004, a role which also saw him involved in the development of KanAm Grund America, LP in Atlanta.

He subsequently headed global asset management as a general manager.

A native Frenchman, he has developed recognized international expertise in these two business areas in the more than ten years he has worked for KanAm Grund, while playing a significant part in successful property transactions in all KanAm Grund real estate funds. The ratings agency SCOPE awarded the asset management department headed by him a rating of A+ (Good) in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 for its high quality and selected it as among the top five in the sector in Germany. He was involved to a significant degree in several large-scale lease agreements involving headquarters and major portfolio deals, thanks to his international experience, his large network of contacts and his experience with transactions. Moreover, he is also responsible for the area of domestic and foreign financing.

Prior to KanAm Grund, Olivier Catusse worked as a lawyer for Gide Loyette Nouel, a large legal practice in Paris where he was responsible for providing legal advice and support in international real estate transactions. This laid the technical foundation for his successful work in Frankfurt am Main.